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When it comes to flight, it’s vital that everyone on the aircraft stay secure and protected at all times — no matter the industry. Whether you fly a commercial airplane, military helicopter or corporate jet, your number one priority should be safety. That’s why it’s essential to book aircraft services to ensure that your aerospace safety equipment functions reliably and efficiently at all times.

At HRD Aero Systems, we understand that life is precious, which is why we devote ourselves to providing customers of all fields with expert aviation products and services that reflect our values of safety and dependability. Regardless of your industry requirements or type of aircraft, you can trust our many decades of knowledge and experience.


Commercial aviation is part of the civil aviation industry and involves transporting passengers or cargo to their designated locations via commercial airplanes. This field typically encompasses nonmilitary flight operations and includes both general aviation and scheduled airline services.

You can ensure that your commercial aircraft’s safety systems are up to par with equipment repairs and services from HRD Aero Systems. Whether you’re looking to verify the functionality of your emergency inflatable devices or ensure that your oxygen cylinders are operating properly, our skilled technicians can provide you with the professional assistance you need.


Our team also serves all military aircraft needs. Military aviation is a versatile field utilizing aircraft adapted for military use in both offensive and defensive applications, from enabling aerial warfare to transporting air cargo and personnel. The primary types of military aircraft include bombers, trainer aircraft, fighters, reconnaissance aircraft and transports.

As a member of a field as essential as the military, you need to know you can rely on your safety equipment in any circumstance. We offer military aircraft services such as fire extinguisher and oxygen system service to ensure that your most vital equipment is fully operational and prepared for unexpected emergencies. We even carry military PMA parts like cartridges, O-rings and cylinders that adhere to strict Federal Aviation Administration standards.


Corporate aviation, also called business aviation, is similar to commercial air transportation in that it involves using aircraft to move passengers and goods. However, this service is strictly for private transit. Corporate aircraft like private jets are typically used for business travel and are not available for public hire.

We understand that it’s your duty to keep corporate passengers safe during their personal flights. With corporate jet fire extinguisher services and private jet oxygen system services from our talented technicians, you can ensure that your emergency equipment is ready to act in even the most urgent aviation situations.

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Whether you work in the military, corporate or commercial aviation industry, you can repair and maintain your aircraft safety systems with services and supplies from HRD Aero Systems. We’ve spent over 35 years providing customers with reliable and cost-effective products and services that meet the aviation industry’s high quality and safety standards.

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