Aircraft Fire Extinguisher Service

If you work in aviation, you know the importance of having a reliable fire extinguisher on your aircraft. Your fire extinguishing systems are vital for onboard emergencies, releasing suppressant agents to extinguish or control unexpected fires. When your fire extinguishing equipment exhibits proper performance and functionality, you can feel safe knowing that you, your passengers and your crew members are always prepared and protected.

Ensure your systems are in working order at all times when you select professional aviation fire extinguisher services from HRD Aerosystems. Choose aerospace products and services from a company that sets the standard for quality and affordability. With tailored solutions, fast turnaround times and exceptional customer service, HRD is always on board with you.

How Often Do Aircraft Fire Extinguishers Need Serviced?

It’s important to schedule routine aviation fire extinguisher services and inspections to ensure your equipment is in operational condition at all times and that your aircraft is in compliance.

Generally, DOT requires re-hydrostatic testing of the cylinder every 5 years for hermetically sealed and frangible bottles, during the overhaul process a professional examines the extinguisher’s parts, functions and expelling agents to ensure they will continue to operate effectively.

Portable fire extinguishers are subject to OEM recommended maintenance schedules, typically every 6 years.

cargo fire bottles

What Are the Different Parts of Fire Extinguishers?

Aircraft fire extinguishing systems feature many parts that contribute to the functionality of these fixed units. The main components of this equipment include:

  • Fire extinguishing agents: These are the substances expelled from fire extinguishers to combat combustion and suppress fires.
  • Weldment: These items are designed to store extinguishing agents and pressurized gas. Also known as a cylinder, container or fire bottle.
  • Cartridge/Squib: A cartridge or squib is installed into the valve assembly and is electronically fired via the pilot.
  • Discharge valves: Discharge valves are attached to the weldment which connects to plumbing that directs the suppressing agent when the unit is fired.
  • Rupture Disc/Plug: These are welded or installed into the weldment, retaining the suppressing agent. When fired the cartridge ruptures the disc or dislodges the plug, releasing the agent.
  • Fill Fitting: Used to safely charge and discharge the fire extinguisher, also serving as the primary overpressure/temperature relief.
  • Pressure indication gauge: This provides a visual indication to the crew to ensure the fire bottle is ready for operation.
  • Pressure Switch: Pressure switches monitor the internal pressure of the fire extinguisher, sending an electrical signal to the crew indicating if there is adequate pressure in the fire extinguisher. Also known as TCPS (temperature compensated pressure switch).

What Types of Aircraft Fire Extinguishers Do We Service?

HRD Aero Systems inspects, repairs and overhauls several different types of aviation fire extinguishers:

  • Halon 1211 portables: This agent is used in handheld portable extinguishers and extinguishes in-cabin fires.
  • Halon 1301 engine, APU and cargo systems: 1301 is used in fixed fire extinguishers installed throughout the plane which flood the specific areas, removing the oxygen, extinguishing the fire.
  • H20 portables: These fire extinguishers use water and pressurized air to extinguish fires in the cabin and galley.
  • C02 systems: Handheld and fixed fire extinguishers utilizing liquid CO2, typically used on older aircraft.

What Brands and Manufacturers Do We Service?

Our aerospace fire extinguishing services allow you to maintain and repair your aircraft systems. Choose skilled technicians have the knowledge, experience and resources to service extinguishers from numerous major brands and manufacturers, including:

  • Pac Sci/HTL
  • Meggitt
  • Kidde/Walter Kidde/Kidde Dexaero/Graviner
  • Mass Systems
  • L’Hotellier

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