Aviation Safety Equipment Repairs and Services

When it comes to aviation, it’s crucial that your system components perform reliably and efficiently. When you choose HRD Aero Systems for aerospace safety equipment services, you can feel confident that your aircraft will not only be in compliance but that the components will operate in case of an emergency.


Fire Extinguishers

In the event of an unexpected onboard fire, your fire extinguishers are essential in expelling fire suppressant agents to douse and eliminate the blaze. That’s why it’s vital to service and repair your fire extinguishing equipment if you experience a malfunction or you want to ensure system functionality with routine inspections.

HRD provides repairs and overhauls for Halon 1211 portables, H20 portables, and Halon 1301 engine, APU and cargo systems. We offer these services for the following manufacturers:

  • Pac Sci/HTL
  • Kidde/Walter Kidde/Kidde Dexaero/Graviner
  • Mass Systems
  • Meggitt
  • L’Hotellier

…and many more.

Oxygen Systems

Your aircraft’s oxygen systems are crucial for storing, generating and regulating a sufficient oxygen supply for crew and passengers. This equipment provides supplemental oxygen during emergency situations, including fires, fumes, smoke and pressure loss.

When you book professional maintenance, repair and overhaul services for your oxygen systems, you can relax knowing your devices are fully operational and ready to serve. HRD offers repairs and overhauls for crew/passenger oxygen masks and cylinders for onboard systems.

Choose these services for the following manufacturers:

  • Avox
  • B/E Aerospace
  • Scott
  • EROS/Intertechnique
  • Carleton
  • Adams Rite Aerospace

…and many more.

O2 masks


No matter how secure your aircraft is, it’s critical to have dependable evacuation systems in case of onboard emergencies. Inflatable devices provide a safe and efficient means for passengers to escape hazardous aviation situations without enduring serious harm.

You can guarantee that your emergency inflatables function as expected with our aerospace safety equipment repair and maintenance services. Our OEM trained, skilled technicians deliver repair and overhaul services for emergency escape slides, rafts, helicopter floats and life vests.

Choose these services for the following manufacturers:

  • Goodrich
  • Air Cruisers
  • Zodiac
  • Winslow
  • RFD
  • Aero Sekur

ATA Containers

You can store and transport your most valuable equipment safely and efficiently with our exclusive Air Transport Association (ATA) containers. Our high-quality HM224B compliant containers have proven to surpass the rigorous temperature testing and be more durable than other HM224B ATA products. Our ATA units are critically tested and optimized to endure high-impact aviation wear.

Choose between sales and rentals of the HM224B oxygen case.

ATA containers

PMA Parts

HRD Aero Systems carries numerous Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) parts that set the standard for quality and dependability. Each part is Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) 8130 certification, verifying that all of our parts meet FAA regulations and design standards.

HRD offers many PMA parts for your aircraft, including cartridges, cylinders, O-rings, discs, outlets and many more.

AOG Service

HRD understands the importance of maintaining productivity in your commercial or corporate airline. Get your plane back in the air with minimal downtime when you choose HRD for emergency aircraft on ground (AOG) services internationally.

If your aircraft is experiencing a major mechanical issue or if you find a product out of compliance, HRD can provide a spare or AOG repair/overhaul using our extensive network of parts and components.

Aircraft on Ground

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