Inflatable Emergency Equipment Service

Aviation inflatable evacuation devices provide passengers and personnel with a fast and efficient means of escaping hazardous aviation situations while avoiding serious injury. Whether you’re part of a commercial, military or corporate aviation crew, it’s vital that your aircraft inflatables are functional and effective at all times.

You can ensure that your inflatables are equipped to engage in reliable and efficient operation during any emergency with aviation inflatable services at HRD Aero Systems. Our experts are prepared to inspect, maintain and repair any inflatable device for safe and lasting service.

Emergency Escape Slides

Aircraft evacuation slides are single- or dual-lane inflatable slides kept tucked inside cabin doors and external fuselage compartments to provide an alternate aircraft escape method. These devices are used when standard exits are deemed unusable due to water, fire or other safety hazards. During an emergency, the slide will deploy automatically after an armed door is opened, inflating in less than 10 seconds and providing a safe descent from either an aircraft wing or floor-level exit.

There are four types of inflatable escape slides:

  • Slides
  • Slides/rafts
  • Exit ramps / Off-wing
  • Combination exit ramps/slides

When you book aircraft evacuation slide services with HRD Aero Systems, skilled technicians will evaluate, repair or provide preventive maintenance for all of your most vital emergency slides.

Inflatable Life Rafts

Aviation life rafts are flotation devices that allow aircraft passengers to stay afloat and sail or row to safety during emergency water landings. These collapsible inflatables contain high-pressure gas, are stored in heavy-duty fiberglass cylinders and inflate in approximately 15 seconds either manually or automatically.

There are two types of life raft groups according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) — Type I, which is applicable to any aircraft, and Type II, which is suitable for non-transport category aircraft.

You can book aircraft life raft inspections and services to ensure that your life rafts are ready to deploy the second you need them.

Helicopter Floats

Helicopter floats prevent helicopters from sinking or capsizing in the event of a crash landing or controlled ditching onto a body of water, allowing passengers and crew to evacuate safely. These emergency flotation systems are stored in airframes or mounted externally to the lower structure of the helicopter, and they inflate using gases such as helium stored in pressurized cylinders.

Helicopters can use either pop-out or fixed flotation devices. Pop-out floats are activated in emergency ditching situations, while fixed floats are permanently attached to the helicopter skid.

The aviation professionals at HRD Aero Systems can repair and maintain your helicopter inflatable floats to keep them functioning reliably for years to come.

Life Vests

Life vests are personal flotation devices that are mandatory for aircraft that navigate over bodies of water. This equipment provides sufficient buoyancy to keep users’ heads suspended above water, whether they’re awake or unconscious. In most cases, life vests contain a pair of air cells, or bladders, that inflate when their attached canister releases carbon dioxide.

There are two primary types of inflatable life vests — airline and continuous wear vests.

You can ensure that your aircraft’s life vests are fully functional and ready for use with aviation inflatable inspections from our knowledgeable and experienced staff.

Inflatable Brands and Manufacturers We Service

HRD Aero Systems has the tools and resources to service inflatables from any of the following manufacturers:

  • Winslow
  • Air Cruisers
  • Goodrich
  • RFD
  • Zodiac
  • Aero Sekur

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